Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cal Cup Power Rankings: Preseason

The Cal Cup kicks off this weekend and to get ready for the competition we're debuting our weekly power rankings. Our rankings will run from now to the end of the season.

SFGG (0-0-0): SFGG open up our Power Rankings in first place. The team has lost some players from last year's PRP season to injury, in particular Tai Enosa and Mile Pulu, but they get the likes of Volney Rouse back. Every year SFGG seems to chug along and end up in title matches at the end of the year. That could be the case once again this year but they need to prove it. Up next: Old Aztecs

OMBAC (0-0-0): After being in playoff position for nearly all last season in the PRP OMBAC missed out on playing for the championship in the final weeks. That was a disappointing result for the club and you can expect they are expecting good things this year. Year after year the club continues to get better and add strong players. They have done that again this year and should be one of the top teams at the end of the season. Up next: Olympic Club

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Life West (0-0-0): Although they are newcomers to this level of competition it feels like Life West have been ready for this for awhile. The Gladiators have succeeded at every level they've played at and have consistently produced stars. They are going to be missing out on their PRO Rugby players this go around but have done a good job of recruiting. If there is a team that is going to break through the SFGG-OMBAC tandem it's likely Life West. Up next: Belmont Shore

Olympic Club (0-0-0): Olympic Club had their best season in the PRP and are looking to build off that. They will have the likes of Alec Gletzer and Jake Anderson at their disposal as well as some new additions. When Gletzer and Anderson were with the team last year they were playing well. Their big indicator will come against OMBAC. If they can pull off the win then O-Club are a legitimate threat this year. Up next: OMBAC

Belmont Shore (0-0-0): It's always difficult to know where Belmont Shore stand before the start of a new season. The club is often quiet and saves their play for the field. They have had some players transition over the last few years but if they can have the likes of a Mikey Te'o return they are going to be strong. Traditionally they have also started well but tapered off. With a short season that may play to their strength this year. Up next: Life West

Old Aztecs (0-0-0): The Old Aztecs have built a strong program over the last few years but have often been in the shadows of OMBAC. They have been one of the best teams in SoCal DI the last few years but this will be a step up. They have Pat Blair to help them out but this weekend is going to be a big indicator of how they do. Up next: SFGG

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