Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cal Cup Power Rankings: Life West Moves Up

Another week of the Cal Cup is in the books and it delivered the most interesting results so far. Life West won again as did SFGG to go a top the table while Belmont Shore earned the first upset win.

1. SFGG (2-0-0, LW: 1, beat Olympic Club 28-7): In very rainy conditions Golden Gate topped rivals Olympic Club to move to the top of the table. It says something about the potency of the SFGG back line that they were able to put in four tries in bad conditions. If the weather is good, and that's no guarantee in California in the winter, then SFGG could lead the competition in points scored. Either way, through a third of the season they are on the path to the top. Up next: at OMBAC

2. Life West (2-0-0, LW: 3, beat Old Aztecs 27-25): For the second week in a row the Gladiators picked up a narrow win. Still, they picked up a bonus point for the second week in a row. In such a short competition that's really all that you need. Now they face a Bay Area derby against a hungry Olympic Club side. With two weeks of matches now in the books they stand a better chance than every of making the final match. Up next: at Olympic Club

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3. Belmont Shore (1-1-0, LW: 4, beat OMBAC 31-16):  It was easily the most notable win of the young campaign. Through most of the match it was close until Belmont Shore pulled away. When OMBAC was hitting penalties Belmont Shore were pushing in tries. Andy Jackson is once again turning in a big season. Up next: at Old Aztecs

4. OMBAC (1-1-0, LW: 1, lost to Belmont Shore 31-16): After putting in the most impressive performance in week one piling up a lot of points that suddenly dried up in week two as OMBAC failed to score against Belmont Shore. A lot of that credit should go to the Belmont Shore defense but OMBAC certainly had the capability to do better. Now they then help to finish in the top two. Up next: SFGG

5. Old Aztecs (0-2-0, LW: 6, lost to Life West 27-25): They may have been overwhelmed against SFGG in week one but they showed a lot of mettle in their loss to Life West. If they can keep that up and improve they are going to be a tough team to beat the rest of the season. Up next: Belmont Shore

6. Olympic Club (0-2-0, LW: 5, lost to SFGG 28-7): Their match against SFGG didn't turn out the way they would have wanted and the conditions didn't help matters much. The good news for the team is that they are going to get Alec Gletzer back from 7s duty. They now have the pieces to put together some strong results. Up next: Life West

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