Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cal Cup Power Rankings: Life West Move First

The Cal Cup is taking a break for the holidays over the next two weeks but it ended on a fantastic weekend that threw the standings into a log jam. Life West are at the top of the table and our Power Rankings but it gets crowded after that.

1. Life West (3-0-0, LW: 2, beat Olympic Club 46-23): There is no question that Life West are the number team in the Power Rankings this week. They have navigated all of their early season challenges and have come away with flying colors. They control their own destiny but with tough matches up against SFGG and OMBAC they could slip out of the top two spots but given the way they are playing it seems unlikely. Full credit to the Gladiators for playing so well this season. The return of their PRO Rugby players has helped them as well. Up next: at OMBAC (Jan. 7th)

2. Belmont Shore (2-1-0, LW: 3, beat Old Aztecs 44-31): We admit it, we didn't think that Belmont Shore would be in this position with only two weeks in the regular season less. That was our mistake. We should have known that a Ray Egan coached team would always come prepared to play. We should have known that the experience of Belmont Shore would be valuable in the early weeks of the season. They still have to navigate a tough match against SFGG next week if they want to make the final. Up next: SFGG (Jan. 7th)

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3. OMBAC (2-1-0, LW: 4, beat SFGG 62-36): OMBAC returned to their strong form with an excellent win over SFGG. The win was necessary because if they dropped to 1-2 they likely had not chance of making the championship match. Now they sit with a good chance of making it if they can come up with a result at home against Life West. That's a tall task but it sets themselves up well to finish the season against rivals Old Aztecs. Up next: Life West (Jan. 7th)

4. SFGG (2-1-0, LW: 1, lost to OMBAC 62-36): We admit that it's very harsh to drop SFGG from first to fourth after only one loss. However, it wasn't a good loss and it put SFGG's shot at making the championship match in jeopardy. Had they been able to beat OMBAC they may have made the championship match with one week to go depending on the results. Now they have to beat both Belmont Shore and Life West to make it happen. Up next: at Belmont Shore (Jan. 7th)

5. Old Aztecs (0-3-0, LW: 5, lost to Belmont Shore 44-31): The Old Aztecs are playing some good rugby they just unfortunately haven't been able to pull out a win. We think one is coming at some point. The Old Aztecs are doing too many positive things, including putting in tries to be left without a win. Up next: Olympic Club (Jan. 7th)

6. Olympic Club (0-3-0, LW: 6, lost to Life West 46-23): Olympic Club simply haven't been able to find a rhythm this year. They have played well in stretches but haven't been able to put it together for a full 80 minutes. The break will give them time to regroup and come together to finish out the season strong. Up next: at Old Aztecs (Jan. 7th)

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