Tuesday, November 29, 2016

U.S. Stay Ahead Of Canada In Rankings

The U.S. will host the second leg of their qualifying series against Canada next summer. The location and time of the qualifiers is still to be determined but from what TIAR understands from several sources it will come after the U.S. plays Ireland and Georgia (presumably Canada will as well) meaning either late June or early July. Unlike last cycle qualifying will come as part of the summer series rather than an event afterward.

There was some room for movement heading into the November Internationals. The U.S. had two matches that impacted the rankings--Romania and Tonga--and lost both of them. They struggled in the Romania match but arguably should have beaten Tonga. Those losses opened up room for Canada to surpass the Eagles in the rankings and earn the right to host the last leg but losses to Ireland, Romania, and Samoa mean that now goes to the Eagles. The U.S. have 64.66 points and Canada have 63.95. 

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