Monday, November 21, 2016

U.S., Canada To Host 2025 Rugby League World Cup

The U.S. and Canada will host a World Cup after all in the next decade but it's not going to be the one you think. Over the weekend the international governing body for Rugby League announced that the 2025 World Cup would be held in the United States and Canada. It marks the first time the tournament has been held outside of Europe or Australasia. Since taking its current format the tournament is typically dominated by either Australia or New Zealand. That's not much of a surprise given that Australia is the hotbed for rugby league. The U.S. best finish came in 2013 when they made the knockout round, ultimately losing to Australia.

Rugby League could be set for a period of growth in North America with the World Cup coming and the professional outfit the Toronto Wolfpack coming on line this year. The team has already had tryouts in several major U.S. cities and also recently signed U.S.-eligible player Jerome Veve from the Gold Coast Titans in Australia. How rugby league and union mesh over the next few years, if they do at all, could be a major story.


  1. The USA & Canada could be in a unique position to bring Rugby League under the fold in order to avoid potential recruiting confusion. Buying out the Rugby League governing bodies would be advantageous.

    Considering that "rugby" is a term volleyed around whenever it concerns league or union here in the States. While the games are different, the basic skills: catch, run, tackle, pass, etc., so getting the kids playing either sport is only good for "rugby" as a whole.

  2. How much League progresses will depend on how much time and investment they put in. Which historically has been very, very little.

    As for them meshing. Well, the RLIF are run by a number of very hostile individuals toward Rugby. Any relationship will be purely for their benefit.