Sunday, November 6, 2016

Report: Schoninger Interested In Eastern Province Kings

PRO Rugby could be reaching out beyond American shores. According to a report by George Byron in the South Africa Weekend Post PRO Rugby CEO Doug Schoninger is set to have a meeting with the South African Rugby Union about potentially buying the Eastern Province Kings. Eastern Province, who runs the Southern Kings in Super Rugby and the Kings in the Currie Cup, have been in severe financial trouble over the past few years. The team has not been able to pay players and the SARU took control of the teams. The SARU have been actively looking for a buyer for the team for awhile.

In the article Schoninger mentioned that he sees a lot of benefits for rugby in America and the Eastern Province if the deal were to go through. He even talked about having American players in the Currie Cup. How exactly all of this plays out is yet to be seen. After all, meetings like this are not uncommon. It is a good sign that a meeting is happening which means it's moved beyond the initial phase but talks could die down at any point.

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There is no question that a move could have an impact on both American rugby and South African rugby. PRO Rugby has long identified South Africa as a place for potential players because they are a good level but also affordable. America has also long identified an interest in Super Rugby. This could accomplish multiple goals if, and that's still a question at this point, it is pulled off.


  1. Argentina had a side in the Currie Cup for a while. It benefited them making the leap to Super Rugby. That said, the Eastern Province is a political mine field in South Africa. The point of that team was to give more opportunities to black players and that ethos would still need to be upheld. Not sure we would get to have many Americans in that side.

  2. At least 5 or 6 of the Kings line up were non black. They struggled to find players in their first season with limited funding. There is a good scope for top line US players to train and play there certainly aswell as coaching exchanges. SARU may put limits on overseas players but would allow generous numbers of Americans.

  3. This would be cool if it happened. Between PRO, the new deal with the Quins, Olympic 7s, and this, it would really help with developing players in professional environments. Youth rugby is growing and we are starting to develop good players, but we really need to put them into professional and high performance environments shortly after they finish high school.