Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mitchell Speculated As Next Springboks Coach

John Mitchell has been suggested as the next head coach of the Springboks. First, it should also be stressed that Mitchell is committed to the Eagles through the World Cup and has really only been with the Eagles a year. Second, there is not a current opening on the Springboks. Allister Coetzee's position is very tenuous and he may be fired but as things stand he is still the boss of the Springboks. Third, the connection of Mitchell to the job comes from an article by Bret Harris in The Australian. Harris says that there is "speculation" that Mitchell would be in line to take over but doesn't match that up with even unidentified sources.

Again, you should take this for the speculation that it is. However, Mitchell does have deep connections to South African rugby having led the Lions to success in the Currie Cup. He also previously led the All Blacks and the Western Force. Since taking over the U.S. he has put a focus on conditioning while also seeing some positive results and some struggles, like this last fall. Mitchell has learned a lot about American rugby over the last year and overall has adapted to the culture well. 


  1. While I am not of the mind that this is going to happen, it does make one think about how coaches view the USA as a destination job.

    For all of the talk about "potential" with respect to US rugby, the reality is that we are a stepping stone for those either going up the coaching ranks, or those coming down.

    What will it take to change this perception? Like any job, US rugby needs to produce and move up the rankings. To do this requires a lot more than the head coach of the Eagles can provide because they are just the culmination of a system.

    The system is where all of the emphasis needs to be placed and I hope Dan Payne is the right guy to bring us to the next level of systemic success.

  2. I don't believe coaching the USA team that lost to Brazil will help his resume.

  3. Mitchell would jump at the chance. He is still young enough to see through his committment with USA for at least another year before looking at other roles. For all the struggles the USA has had those that are knocking them should watch their games. They do play well, with purpose and pace. They just need more time, a few star players in key positions and players need more professional rugby experience. Give the USA 12-24 more months and they will be beating teams.