Monday, November 14, 2016

Lindenwood Beats Sister School

Lindenwood beat Lindenwood-Belleville in the battle of sister schools over the weekend. Both schools have varsity programs although Lindenwood has been operating for longer. That was evident as the school won 64-15 as well as a 42-10 in a reserve match.

"The guys were edgy after four weeks of team scrimmages, but we’ve been talking about on playing on purpose and they did that," said head coach Josh Macy. "They’ve had a lot thrown at them in the last month and it was great to see them apply what we’ve spoken about in the early stages of my team with the team. I was overall pleased with the set piece, our eagerness to attack, and our patience on defense. Sure there’s a lot to improve, but that’s how this works. I’m proud of the guys for the adjustments they’ve made and the new course they’ve set for the team."

Take the jump to read more.Christian Rodriguez had a couple of tries while Nick Feakes was steady with his boot all day. 

"I wish we could have come out firing faster, but we played well once we got into the game a bit. We’ll be looking to set a stronger tone in the future," said Mike Baska. "Our tackling was the most aggressive part of the day, lots of doubles, but we want to make sure we’re doing that in the breakdown as well. I was happy that we didn’t coast through to the end of the game after letting in two soft tries. The guys snapped back to life and we went on a tear to end the game."

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