Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kenya Invite Eagles For 2017 Test

The Kenyan Rugby Union have issued an invitation to U.S.A. Rugby to play at test in Kenya next year ahead of Kenya's World Cup qualifying campaign. In an article from Kenya it's reported that along with the U.S. Kenya have also invited Romania, Brazil, and Germany. There is no timeframe reported other than before World Cup qualifying which should happen in July.

It should be stressed that this is just an invitation. With the U.S. also booked for four tests next June, including World Cup qualifying themselves, it would likely have to come earlier in the year. Also, it would also certainly only involve domestic players since it would fall outside a test window. Even more, the KRU is not wealthy by any means and the U.S. would almost certainly have to foot the bill, something that is not likely to happen for a one or two match 'A' tour to Africa. Still, it's fun to think about the U.S. playing a new opponent like Kenya even if it seems unlikely. 

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