Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dave Williams Hired As Raptors Head Coach

Press Release

The Glendale Raptors are pleased to announce the hiring of David Williams as Men’s Head Coach.

Prior to being named head coach, Dave had been a part of the Glendale Raptors organization as Strength, Skills and Conditioning Coach. A native of England, Dave has also played on the USA Eagles 7s and 15s teams, as well as acted as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the USA Men’s National Team and most recently, as Assistant Coach of the PRO Rugby Denver Stampede team.

“I think Glendale, Colorado is the mecca of rugby. There’s only one program like this in the country and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.” Williams stated.

“The addition of Dave Williams to our staff is an exciting point in our development as we move into our newest competition, the Major Rugby Championship. Dave will have an opportunity to establish the excellence that we look for in our teams,” added Director of Rugby Mark Bullock.

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David will be onsite for the first Glendale Raptors Open Combine scheduled for Sunday, November 13 to evaluate players for the 2017 spring season of elite rugby in Glendale. The Glendale Raptors are seeking to build its player pool while simultaneously offering athletes the opportunity to pursue playing contracts.

“The Glendale Raptors players are extremely excited about Dave Williams taking over the mantle as head coach. They understand he has great knowledge of the game, he connects really well with the players and has a high demand for their performance,” Bullock added.


  1. Major Rugby Championship? Wow, that one rolls off the tongue. What a terrible name. Is this another pro league or is this supposed to be an "elite" level competition?

  2. What is the Major Rugby Championship?

  3. While I'd be interested in learning more about this mooted competition I have to say that in terms of names that is just awful. Seriously, it would take a few minutes to have brain stormed a better name. I just did a quick trademark check and Rugby Football League (RFL) is a dead trademark and thus would be available. Use that. Anything is better than MAJOR RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP.