Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cal Cup Preview: OMBAC

We've partnered with the Cal Cup this year and as part of that partnership we're re-posting the team by team previews they are putting up on their site. This time it's OMBAC with the original to be found here

The Cal Cup is just days away from kicking off. To help fans get prepared for the season of the season we talked with representatives from each of the six teams to find out more about what they expect from the year. In this edition we chatted with Jason Wood from OMBAC.

Players Added: The key to our season isn't added players but instead the fact that we have so many returning players. It really helps us get up to speed quickly and moving forward sooner rather than later.

Players Subtracted: We have a few guys contemplating hanging them up but we have other guys right behind them so no one here is focused on who we have missing.

Coaching Changes (if any):
Phil Green will be joining me and will be concentrating on the backs and our attack pattern. I'll focus on the forwards and defense. Phil is from the Sydney area an was first introduced to OMABC a few years ago when he visited with the New South Wales Country tram and then has come back twice for preseason guest coaching stints a few weeks at a time. It is great for the club that he has decided to take a few months break from his business and coaching duties in Australia to join us for the entire Cal Cup and Division 1&2 seasons.

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Team Leaders: Same cast of characters from last year--Brian Doyle, Tai Tuisamoa, Ian Denham, Zach Pangelinan, and Ben Batger

Players to Watch: I'm looking for Nick Zeyda to have a break out season. He was a reserve most of last year but could make an impact this year. Matt Long as well.

Please Describe the Style You Like To Play:
I like an exploit the defense through quick phases style but we are prepared to play a more set piece to set piece style if our team can dominate that way. We'll adjust to the style best for the team.

Warm-up Matches: We traveled to Tempe and came away with a 38-8 win. We agreed to rotating subs so we can test combinations. It wasn't enough but we will just have to play lots of live sessions in training to get the game prep before the third.

Please offer a paragraph on how you think your team will compete this year including strengths, weakness, and goals: Given the majority of the team has been with us several years and we feel we missed the final last year by such a close margin when we lost to Glendale on the last play of the game there is a real commitment to each other and the goal of winning it this year. out team unity is our strength.

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