Monday, November 28, 2016

16 Teams Named To CRC Field

The initial set of teams for the 2017 CRC have been announced. There are no debuts among the 16 teams announced with all past winners except for Utah accounted for. Cal, which has dominated the tournament recently is back along with the likes of big teams like Dartmouth, Life, Kutztown, and UCLA. Both California schools join Arizona as the only West of the Mississippi teams in the tournament so far. Other teams returning include Boston College, Delaware, Indiana, Notre Dame, Penn State, Virginia Tech, and military academies Army and Navy. Local sides St. Joe's and Temple will also be playing.

As announced previously there are two opportunities to play your way into the tournament this year. The CRC qualifier bracket is back at the LVI and this year the Heart of America Classic will give teams another opportunity. Several conferences have also traditionally been given bids.

Initial Teams: Arizona, Army, Boston College, Cal, Dartmouth, Delaware, Indiana, Kutztown, Life, Navy, Notre Dame, Penn State, St. Joe's, Temple, UCLA, Virginia Tech


  1. This tournament is a joke. They invite teams from the Philadelphia area and then some big name schools that are recognizable but don't have strong rugby programs and try to pass it off to the average viewer that these are the top 7's teams in the country. No St Mary's, Central Washington, Utah, AIC. All it does is divide the rugby community, just like the Varsity Cup did. And the USA will still lag behind the other Tier 2 countries come test rugby time.

  2. The field at the San Fran West Coast 7s tournament was a stronger competition.

  3. There are two tournaments that can be entered to qualify this time. Several of the list teams are there because they have qualified, then done well since. Get your teams to sign up, then bring in their fans.

    May not always be the best field, but does get rugby exposure on national TV, which can only help in growing the game.

    1. S o some of the strongest teams have to qualify and some of the weaker teams get invited. Yeah that makes slot of sense. And those 50-0 games will be really exciting to watch. When is USA Rugby gonna take a stand against these tournaments like this one and the Varsity Cup that do nothing for rugby here?

    2. I agree the quality is lacking, especially in the pool play matches. But it's all about selling tickets. Invited teams need to sell a number of tickets in order to be invited back. Local teams will sell more than traveling.