Monday, October 10, 2016

Women Eagles 7s Open Camp

The Women Eagles 7s open their first camp on the new season today and they've brought in a lot of new faces to coincide with the start of a new Olympic cycle. There are plenty of veterans that remain on the team, including Olympians Ryan Carlyle and Alev Kelter but there are also plenty of names that have stood out in college rugby recently. Those include the likes of Bitsy Cairns, Nicole Strasko, and Tess Feury. Some players have moved on but others that were in the Olympics but not at camp could return at some point. In addition to the new players several players in Women Eagles 15s residency will be used as scrimmage players.

"We want to get the younger women out to the OTC and into our environment now and continuously so they'll have a shot come Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018, and definitely for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics," said head coach Richie Walker in a U.S.A. Rugby press release. "If we start having them in now, getting them excited, then hopefully they'll want to be down here. It's an exciting, young group and I want them to push the athletes that we have down here, and I think they can do that."

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"It's the first tournament back; a lot of teams have been changing coaches and a lot of teams will be changing styles - except for Australia. They won't have to change anything, but everyone else needs to change. For me, it's about getting the younger players some game time on the Series because, as we've found even with the crossover athletes, their first tournament is being on the Series.Obviously they have to perform well down here before they go. I won't just take them for the sake of it."

Players: Sarah Buonopane, Kayla Canett, Ryan Carlyle, Bitsy Cairns, Lauren Doyle, Lilly Durbin, Cheta Emba, Nana Fa'avesi, Tess Feury, Megan Foster, Nicole Heavirland, Alev Kelter, Bulou Mataitoga, Alena Olsen, Jane Paar, Sam Pankey, Nicole Snyder, Kelsi Stockert, Nicole Strasko, Naya Tapper, Kristen Thomas, Kate Zackary

Scrimmaging: Jordan Gray, Molly Kinsella, Hope Rogers

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