Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Utah Premier League Playoff Race Close

The race to finish in the top four and make the semi-finals of the Utah Premier Division is going done to the wire. With only two weeks remaining in the inaugural season six of the seven teams are still alive for a spot. The Spartans are nearly certain to make the playoffs as as things stand they are in line to finish first. They have 19 points closely followed by the Brothers with 18. Both teams have been emerging sides in the state over the last few years. The Spartans had the weekend off (but won thanks to a Liberty forfeit) on Saturday while Brothers handled United 88-14. The 14 tries for the Brothers is a league record.

As things stand the Gladiators and the West Valley Lions are tied on 14 points and both hold the last two semi-finals spots. The Gladiators had the weekend off but the Lions beat rivals Park City Haggis 61-42 in a thrilling match. Both teams have played a league high five matches and the Lions hold a four point lead in the standings. United also have a shot at the playoffs but it's remote as they sit eight points behind the Gladiators and Lions.

Next week has a top of the table clash with the Brothers playing the Spartans and the Gladiators vs. United. With the Brothers picking up a sure win against Liberty (again by forfeit) that means the Spartans will likely have to win that match to keep in first place.

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