Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Utah Premier Division Down To Two

The Utah Premier Division is down to its two finalists. Both the Brothers and the Spartans outlasted their semi-final opponents to face off next week at the Regional Athletic Center for the inaugural Iosepa Shield. Brothers and Spartans finished the regular season one and two respectively with some intense matches. The Brothers advanced to the final by beating the West Valley Lions 30-21. The Spartans had a more narrow match facing the third seeded Gladiators but still won 36-31.

Next weekend will be the finals at the RAC. In addition to the Brothers vs. Spartans the Lions will take on the Gladiators and Park City Haggis will play United. Overall the quality of the competition has been very good. Utah hasn't always had the more organized men's club structure due to a number of reasons but this competition has already gone a long way to making things more cohesive, potentially leading to some diamonds in the rough for the Eagles.

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