Monday, October 31, 2016

USA Rugby Referee Trains With US Marines

October 31, 2016 --- When have you been invited to train with the United States Marines? What about training with Marine Sergeants who are a part of the Advanced Infantry Training Battalion located at Camp Geiger, NC? This became a reality for USA Rugby referee and SERRS (Southeast Rugby Referee Society) member Dave Edwards.
Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Fred H. is the one who extended the offer to him while he was traveling in the area. SSgt Fred H. said, “I had developed the personal fitness plan we would be doing and decided to see how a rugby referee would hold up against my men in the morning personal fitness training.”

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The fitness plan was nicknamed “Sitting Bull.” It was comprised of two lines of ten men each passing a 20 pound medicine ball from the front of the line to the back as they ran around a quarter mile track. The last man would then sprint it to the front to start the process again. In addition each man was numbered and while this was going on an instructor would pick a number. This resulted in groups of two having to leave the line to run around the quarter mile track and catch the back of the line. Then the instructor would release more groups of two. It was continually movement for over 50 minutes. When finished a total of four miles had been run while passing a 20 pound medicine ball and each man running twice to catch the back of the line.

Dave Edwards said, “It was good, but definitely tiring as you were jogging, sprinting, passing a 20 pound medicine ball, and trying to catch your line as quickly as possible when released to lap the group.” He also added, “It was a privilege to be involved with these men who have been protecting our country and are continuing to hone their skills here at the Small Unit Leaders Course (ISULC).” The ISULC program is a six week course designed to provide sergeants with training to help make tactical decisions at their level in order to support their commander’s intent on an ever changing battlefield. The men are currently all serving as infantry squad leaders at their various fleet units.
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