Monday, October 17, 2016

Seattle Sees Mixed Results Against Burnaby Lake

The Seattle Saracens had a big match at home over the weekend as BC powerhouse Burnaby Lake made the trip to Magnuson Park. The remounts of a typhoon made for very wet conditions but in the end it was the overall strength of Burnaby Lake that led to a 31-10 win. Burnaby Lake are still undefeated in the Mainland Cup while Seattle falls to fourth. However, Seattle are still in a good spot to qualify for the BC Premier League in the spring.

The match also notable because it saw the return of Ollie Kilifi from PRO Rugby. The Division 1 side won 18-13.

The Seattle women's were able to salvage some of the weekend for the team with a 26-19 win. It was the first weekend of play for the top division leaving the Saracens at the top of the table.

Take the jump to see the rosters.

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