Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Recap & Photo Gallery: Arizona Takes West Coast 7s

Photo: Connie Hatfield

Arizona are the winners of the second stop of the West Coast 7s after beating St. Mary's 19-14 in a dramatic final. The entire tournament had a lot of great play as teams from the West Coast showed their 7s skill once again. Arizona beating St. Mary's was somewhat of a surprise but the Wildcats proved time and time again at the tournament that they were deserving champions. They were unbeaten through pool play with a forfeit win over Santa Barbara, a win over San Diego State, and then a close 5-0 win over St. Mary's.

After blanking Western Washington 17-0 in the Cup quarterfinals Arizona then beat UC-Davis 14-5 in the semi-finals. That set up their big rematch against the Gaels. Ryan Hudson opened up the score before star Kyle Rogers scored to make it 14-0 at the half. St. Mary's responded in the second half with two tries of their own. St. Mary's were their own worst enemy with two yellow cards. They held that off but Arizona earned a late penalty leading to Rogers taking a quick tap before feeding Ben Joseph for the try and the win. Outside of their two losses to Arizona St. Mary's were perfect on the weekend.

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The biggest surprise of the weekend was Cal falling to UC-Davis 12-0 in the Cup quarterfinals. Cal did play a Freshman-Sophomore team but they weren't really challenged in pool play. Arizona State was the other quarterfinal winner. Arizona State beat UC-Davis for 3rd place. Cal took home the Plate. Utah won the Bowl and Cal Poly won the Shield.

Photographer Connie Hatfield was at the tournament and took some great photos. See those below as well as the results.

Cup Final

Arizona 19-14 St. Mary's

Cup Consolation (3-4th)

Arizona State 38-0 UC-Davis

Plate Final (5-6th)

Cal 32-0 Santa Clara

Plate Consolation (7-8th)

Western Washington 24-17 UCLA

Bowl Final (9-10th)

Utah 25-19 Grand Canyon

Bowl Consolation (11-12th)

SDSU 22-5 Air Force

Shield Final (13-14th)

Cal Poly 19-15 San Diego

Cup Semi-finals

St. Mary's 17-14 Arizona State
Arizona 14-5 UC-Davis

Plate Semi-final

Santa Clara 14-12 UCLA
Cal 29-0 Western Washington

Bowl Semi-finals

Utah 33-14 Air Force
Grand Canyon 24-22 SDSU

Shield Semi-finals

Cal Poly 17-12 SF State
San Diego - UCSB

Cup Quarterfinals

Cal 12-0 UC-Davis
Arizona 17-0 Western Washington
St. Mary's 31-7 UCLA
Arizona State 26-19 Santa Clara

Bowl Quarterfinals

Grand Canyon 17 SF State 7
SDSU 24 Cal Poly 5
Air Force 28-0 UCSB
Utah 31-7 San Diego

First Day

Pool A

Cal 29-7 San Diego
Santa Clara 22-14 Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon 36-5 San Diego
Cal 29-7 Santa Clara
Cal 26-5 Grand Canyon

Pool B

St. Mary's 28-0 UCSB
Arizona 14-10 SDSU
Arizona 28-0 UCSB
St. Mary's 21-12 SDSU
Arizona 5-0 St. Mary's

Pool C

UCLA 17 -0 Western Washington
Air Force 19-5 Cal Poly
UCLA 36-5 Cal Poly
Western Washington 20-19 Air Force
Western Washington 12-5 Cal Poly
UCLA 24-14 Air Force

Pool D

Arizona State 41-7 SF State
UC-Davis 12-10 Utah
Arizona State 19-12 UC-Davis
Utah 43-7 SF State
UC-Davis 46-0 SF State
Arizona State 29-0 Utah

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