Tuesday, October 11, 2016

PRP Planning Fall 2017 Return

The four of the five California teams from the Pacific Rugby Premiership playing in the California Cup this year the easy assumption would be that the PRP is dead. However, from what TIAR understands the competition is not dead but is merely undergoing a shift for the 2017 season. Even through OMBAC, Belmont Shore, SFGG, and Olympic Club are playing in the Cal Cup all four teams are all still on board for the 2017 PRP season that would begin in the Fall with all seven teams from the first years of the competition plus possibly a few more.

The Cal Cup was created this year because the four teams listed above wanted an opportunity to have players from their club that play in PRO Rugby put on their club shirt this year. Additionally, they wanted to give players not on PRO Rugby contracts the opportunity to show themselves to selectors. From what TIAR understands if the PRP goes ahead in 2017, which is the current plan, then the Cal Cup may simply be absorbed into the PRP.

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For Santa Monica the will was there to participate in the Cal Cup this year but their calendar has always been geared toward the PRP in the Spring and they weren't able to make the Cal Cup this year work and prepare for the PRP in the Fall. For clubs in Colorado it's about dealing with the weather at the moment and the short season. A proper shift to the Fall in 2017 would help alleviate those weather concerns.

The idea for forming the Cal Cup and the shift in the PRP next year to start in the Fall is all about aligning elite club schedules with PRO Rugby. The American Rugby Premiership switched to a Fall only (they may actually play in the Spring too) season this year in order to fit into the new schedule posed by PRO Rugby and the Eagles and USA Selects schedules.

In theory players will have an opportunity to get in six matches in the Cal Cup before moving on to play in PRO Rugby. They will also have about a month long break. When the PRP resumes it too will give players an opportunity to stay fit but with more matches. 

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