Wednesday, October 19, 2016

LA, San Diego, Lindenwood Winners At Touch Nationals

The top Touch Rugby teams in the country were crowned over the weekend in Orlando. In the biggest national tournament so far with the most divisions in history the level of player was improved from years past leading to some great rugby. In the Men's Open division Los Angeles took home the title on the back of some experienced players. Finishing in second was Portland followed by the Cayman Islands.

In the Women's Open division it was similarly experienced players from the San Diego Galaxy that led to first place. They were followed by New York and Portland. Galaxy DC won the Mixed Open division. Jacksonville was second and San Francisco was third. One of the key features of touch is having mixed teams.

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Following the lead of Lindenwood last year the college division was bulked up this year with a number of teams participating. Lindenwood once again won the title. Spring Hill College took home second place with home side UCF third.

In the Men's Open 30 division San Diego won and Tumeke Touch won the Men's Over 40 division. Galaxy Worldwide won the international division. Chile and Jamaica took second and third respectively.

"It was our biggest event to date with the most divisions we have ever had," said USA Touch Rugby president OJ Hawea. "Our men's and women's divisions continue to grow each year. The competition is getting stronger and stronger. Our knowledge of the game is improving."

"As we are just over two years out from the 2019 Touch World Cup, announcing initial training squads was so important to give us an expectation on what we need to do and give our players a good idea on what they need to focus on to make the final squads to travel to Malaysia for the World Cup.

"We had so many young players that we are looking into attending the Youth World Cup next year also. It may be a pipe dream as we have some, but not quite enough, but who knows where we might end up between now and then. The sky is the limit for the USA in this sport.

Men's Open
Los Angeles
Cayman Islands

Women's Open
San Diego Galaxy
New York

Mixed Open
Galaxy DC
San Francisco

Men's Over 30
San Diego
New York
Tumeke Touch

Men's Over 40
Tumeke Touch
Cayman Islands

College Division
Lindenwood University
Spring Hill College
University of Central Florida

Galaxy Worldwide

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