Friday, October 7, 2016

ARP Update: NYAC Takes NY Derby

The New York derby lived up to expectations last weekend as NYAC edged out Old Blue 19-13 in a tight, tense encounter that saw great rugby. Just a quick scan of the roster reveals a number of players with Eagles experience as well as those that just played in PRO Rugby. On NYAC you have the likes of Jake Turnbull and Harry Bennett to go along with the likes of Al McFarland, Seamus Kelly, and Nate Brakeley. Former All-American Ross Deacon, who has been playing in Ireland, also played. For Old Blue you had Olympian Nate Augspurger, Eagles James Bird, Harry Higgins, Luke Hume, and Ryan Matyas. Dylan Fawsitt and Demecus Beach also turned out for the team.

With both teams digging in deep the match was understandably decided by kicking. Bird opened things up for Old Blue with a penalty in the 22nd minute but that was quickly matched by a penalty from Bennett just two minutes later. Bird would then have a drop goal before Bennett added his second tying the match at 6-6 at halftime.

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At halftime the likes of Hume, Matyas, and Paris Hollis came on to the pitch. Those subs would play an important role the rest of the match. NYAC would score the first try of the match but soon Hume would cancel that out. In the end it was the kicking of Bennett with two penalties that would be the difference.

Thanks to the win NYAC have moved to 3-0 on the season while Old Blue drop to 2-1. That ties them with Mystic River, who beat the Boston Irish Wolfhounds 28-11. Nick Fujiwara, Alatasi Tupou (twice), Diego Maquieira all had tries for Mystic River while Tadhg Leader had two penalties and a try for the Wolfhounds. The Wolfhounds sit fourth in the league with a 1-3 record with their only win of the season coming over winless Boston.


Try: A.N. Other
Conversions: Bennett
Penalty: Bennett (4)

Old Blue

Try: Hume
Conversions: Bird
Penalty: Bird
Drop Goal: Bird

NYAC: Kirk Hamilton, Brandon Wynee, Jake Turnbull, Ryan McTiernan, Nate Brakeley, Ross Deacon, Nick Wolley, Al McFarland; Justin Hundley, Harry Bennett, Oliver L'Estrange, Jack Fitzpatrick, Seamus Kelly, Greg Voigt, Chis Mattina; Steve Sanchez, Anthony Parry, Michael Webb, James Denise, Patrick Coleman, Kevin Smith, Kyle Granby, Quentin Pradere

Old Blue: Jamal Hadley, Dylan Fawsitt, Demecus Beach, Trevor Cassidy, David Shotton, Harry Higgins, Alex Schwarz, Dean Muir; Nate Augspurger, James Bird, Lance Cavanaugh, Sean McGarrity, Josh Rice, Taye Daniel-Ayibiowu, Connor Wallace-Sims; Michael Brown, Paris Hollis, James Sheridan, Ryan Blythe, Gavan D'Amore-Morrison, Chris Lee, Luke Hume, Ryan Matyas

NYAC 3-0
Old Blue 2-1
Mystic River 2-1
BIW 1-3
Boston 0-3

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