Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Super Rugby Once Again Hints At U.S. Expansion

Super Rugby officials have once again hinted that a team in North America could be in the works, according to SANZAAR boss Andy Marinos. Before fans get their hopes up it's important to understand that Marinos offered the news in the context of saying that a team in North America is far more likely than expansion in either New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa with all of those countries not capable of supporting another team. 

Additionally, Marinos also suggest that Super Rugby wouldn't simply expand into North America unless there was "strategic investment" in the country similar to what happened to Argentina for several years before the launch of the Jaguares. All in all while this information should give hope to fans--and it is certainly more doable weather-wise than a Pro12 team in the Northeast but not travel-wise--this news should be taken in context and understood that it likely isn't to happen soon. 


  1. unwise for America to join bloated competition

  2. How is it overbloated? I cannot be the number of teams as then leagues like the NFL and NBA surely must be as well?

  3. Maybe unwise for SANZAAR, but I don't see how US loses blooding 20+ players in a super rugby environment. I'd imagine a team in Hawaii being a smart move. Try to increase the sports visibility in a place for more likely to produce elite athletes than anywhere else in the country (just ask the NFL) and isn't prohibitively far from AUS/NZ.