Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Faces Into Eagles 7s Camp

A lot of familiar names return to Eagles 7s camp as they get ready for the new season but there are also a whole host of new faces that are looking to make their way into the team.  Olympians Perry Baker, Danny Barrett, Madison Hughes, Martin Iosefo, Carlin Isles, Folau Niua, and Maka Unufe are all in camp as are veterans like Will Holder, Matai Leuta, Brett Thompson and Steve Tomasin. Noticeably absent from the team are Zack Test and Ben Pinkelman. Pinkelman is understandably taking some time to work on his degree but no word on if Test is taking a break or not.

New players into camp include former Central Washington standout Tanner Barnes, Zach Bonte, Nick Boyer, Spike Davis, Walt Elder, Alex Elkins, Brady Gent, Alec Gletzer, AIC standout Jihad Khabir, Don Pati, Gabe Ruflin, Bailey Stringer, and Kevon Williams. Several of these players, including Davis,  Elkins, and Pati have been around camp before. Pati was the standout at the Club 7s Nationals this summer while both Davis and Elkins were devastating for Ohio.

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Overall this is a relatively young group of new players with a lot of potential. Eyes will by on Khabir to see how he performs while Boyer, Gletzer, and Barnes have the capability of being a reliable player that can turn into something special.

Expect the core group of the team to stay mainly intact this season under Mike Friday and Chris Brown but don't be surprised if you see a lot of players get called in to see how they perform as well. The season starts in December in Dubai. More camps will be held before then.

Perry Baker, Tanner Barnes (Fresno), Danny Barrett, Zach Bonte (Life West), Nick Boyer, Spike Davis (Ohio), Walt Elder (Kansas City), Alex Elkins (Ohio), Brady Gent (Davenport), Alec Gletzer (Olympic Club), Will Holder, Madison Hughes, Martin Iosefo, Carlin Isles, Jihad Khabir (AIC), Matai Leuta, Folau Niua, Don Pati (Park City Haggis), Gabe Ruflin (Utah), Bailey Stringer (Arizona State), Brett Thompson, Steve Tomasin, Chris Turori, Maka Unufe, and Kevon Williams.

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