Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Italy Withdraws World Cup Bid

And then there were three. Italy has withdrawn it's bid to host the 2023 World Cup leaving only Ireland, France, and South Africa as bidders for the tournament. Italy had been considered to have a strong bid--the tournament hasn't been to the country, it's a fairly large country, and it would help give the tournament a new flavor. No information was given for Italy's decision to withdraw.

Italy could bid again in 2027 where there is expected to be competition from both the United States and Argentina. Had Italy won the rights to host the 2023 tournament it could have made putting the World Cup in the United States easier. However, if a country like South Africa, which now must be seen as the forerunner for 2023, host then it could once again be Europe's turn after a 12 year absence.

Ireland also has a case for a strong bid but the relatively small size of the country is a downside for hosting. France hosted in 2007 and it's probably too soon to see them host again.

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