Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gonzaga Wins Idaho 7s, Viking 7s Looks Stacked

Photo: Emily Bruneel
The 7s season in the Northwest is heating up. Last weekend saw Gonzaga take home the ThunderDome 7s at the University of Idaho while this weekend Western Washington will host the annual Viking 7s.

In Moscow, Gonzaga merged as the top team after a thrilling day of action. The Bulldogs have been an emerging team in the Northwest and have seen success in 7s before and have also moved up to the top division in 15s this year. In this tournament Gonzaga beat Washington State B 27-0, Eastern Washington 29-10, and Idaho 22-10 in pool play. They then beat relative newcomer WSU-Tri Cities 26-0 in the semi-finals and Washington State A 19-15 in a very tight final. Washington State similarly went unbeaten in pool play with wins over Idaho B, Moscow, and WSU-TC. WSU B took home third place beating WSU-TC. 5th went to Idaho and 7th went to Moscow.

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Saturday will see the Viking 7s in Bellingham. The Vikings 7s has traditionally been a extremely strong tournament with top Canadian teams attending. That is the case once again with both the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria attending. As for American participation, Gonzaga will try to follow up their win last weekend by taking on Oregon State, hosts Western Washington, and UVic in Pool B. In Pool A WSU-Tri Cities and WWU2 will take on UBC and UBC-Okanagan. At the end of pool play the top seed from Pool A will play the top seed from Pool B in the final.

*As a note of disclaimer TIAR writer Curtis Reed is the commissioner of the Northwest Collegiate Rugby Conference.

Pool A: UBC, UBC-Okanagan, WSU-Tri Cities, WWU2
Pool B: UVic, WWU, Oregon State, Gonzaga

ThunderDome 7s Scores:

Idaho (A-side) vs. Gonzaga (10-22)
EWU vs. WSU (B-side) (7-35)
WSU (B-side) vs. Gonzaga (0-27)
EWU vs. Idaho (A-side) (7-40)
Idaho (A-side) vs. WSU (B-side) (10-12)
Gonzaga vs. EWU (29-10)

WSU (A-side) vs. Idaho (B-side) (30-0)
Moscow vs. WSU-TC (7-31)
WSU-TC vs. Idaho (B-side) (25-5)
Moscow vs. WSU (A-side) (0-26)
WSU (A-side) vs. WSU-TC (22-0)
Idaho (B-side) vs. Moscow (10-17)

Consolation Round:
Idaho (A-side) vs. Idaho (B-side) (45-0)
Moscow vs. EWU (7-40)

Gonzaga vs. WSU-TC (26-0)
WSU (A-side) vs. WSU (B-side) (31-7)

7th Place Match: Idaho (B-side) vs. Moscow (12-19)
5th Place Match: Idaho (A-side) vs. EWU (29-19)
3rd Place Match: WSU-TC vs. WSU (B-side) (12-17)
1st Place Match: Gonzaga vs. WSU (A-side) (19-15)

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