Monday, September 19, 2016

David Tameilau & Newcastle Part Ways

David Tameilau will not be playing for Newcastle this season after the team rescinded their contract offer to the number eight. Tameilau, who had been offered a contract in the summer after starring for the Eagles in the ARC and for San Francisco in PRO Rugby, had indicated that he would be joining up with the team but he apparently didn't not show up to training camp. Eventually Newcastle had enough of trying to get him over and took back their contract offer. TIAR reached out to Tameilau some time ago to get his side of the story but have yet to hear back.

It's disappointing that Tameilau won't be joining up with the Falcons this year. He was the breakout player for the Eagles in the ARC in which a lot of players didn't play up to their potential. There were some fitness concerns but as both the Eagles and the PRO Rugby season progressed he started to get more trim. For Newcastle they were hunting for the next Samu Manoa and will be very disappointed that Tameilau choose not to move to England.

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  1. This is a major missed opportunity. I'd be curious to hear why he didn't go. I can only imagine what a season in the Premiership would have done for Tameilau. He certainly has the potential to be a dominant player. He just needs the fitness and game time.