Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chris Coyle Potentially To Play For Brumbies 7s

Former Arizona State football standout Chris Coyle has been in Australia for over a year training with the Brumbies. During that time he's played with the ACT Griffins, a development side that plays against other state teams in Australia. Now he's making a foray into 7s as is a part of the larger Brumbies 7s training squad that is preparing for the Australian national championships. He'll have to earn his way on to the team but if he does he'll have a chance to play in several tournaments. He's also reportedly making enough noise to be considered for more next year.

Coyle has a rugby background but really made his name playing for Arizona State in football. After not making an NFL team he found his way back to rugby and eventually earned a spot with the Brumbies as part of their larger training group. Although raw getting high level training like this could see him as a great potential call-up for a tournament like the APC.

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