Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Americas Rugby Championship Dates Announced

The dates for the 2017 Americas Rugby Championship have been announced. The tournament begins on February 4th with the U.S. taking on Uruguay at home. They will then face Brazil the next week before making the trip up to Canada on February 18th. Just like last year they will finish up with a trip to South American first taking on Chile on February 25th and the Argentina on March 4th. Last year the tournament proved to be a very valuable tool for the Eagles as they were able to find a number of players that went on to make an impact in the June internationals. As the team continues to develop and move toward the next World Cup under John Mitchell the ARC is once again going to be an important tournament.

The U.S. will host their matches in San Antonio and Austin. The U.S. vs. Canada match will be held at Swangard Stadium in Vancouver, as the rest of Canada will still be covered in snow.

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February 4th

Canada vs. Argentina
Brazil vs. Chile
U.S.A. vs. Uruguay (San Antonio, TX)

February 11th

Argentina vs. Uruguay
U.S.A. vs. Brazil (Austin, TX)
Canada vs. Chile

February 18th

Chile vs. Argentina
Uruguay vs. Brazil
Canada vs. U.S.A.

February 25th

Argentina vs. Brazil
Uruguay vs. Canada
Chile vs. U.S.A.

March 4th

Argentina vs. U.S.A.
Brazil vs. Canada
Uruguay vs. Chile


  1. My question is will this tournament again be used to blood new talent or potential talent? If so the team should not be fielded as the Eagles but an Eagle A side. Since this is outside the test release window my suspicion is that yes, this will be largely a developmental side; which is fine. But it is wrong to advertise this as the Eagles and it devalues the meaning of earning a cap.

    1. (not in reply to your post since I can't comment otherwise)

      Does anyone have an idea of who the broadcast partner will be this go around?

  2. Where, specifically, in San Antonio and Austin?