Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What Do Parents Think Of Atavus Camps?

We wanted to find out what parents thought of having their child participate in an Atavus camp. We always hear about how much players and coaches have gained and enjoyed anytime they participate in an Atavus clinic but arguably just as important is the opinion of parents. To help us out we reached out to Melony O'Neill who's son recently participated in a camp.

TIAR: What was your familiarity with Atavus camps before your son attended?

Melony O'Neill: None. We signed up through the community center. We had been looking for rugby and were excited to see it offered to a younger age group.

TIAR: What made you decide to send your kid to a camp?

MO: We love to expose our kids to different sports and get them outside. My husband played rugby in Holland, and we were specifically looking to get the kids in rugby.

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TIAR: What were your first impressions of the camp?

MO: Love, love, love!!! The coaches were amazing with the kids and made the experience fun while building skills.

TIAR: As a parent, what did you gain out of the drills?

MO: We were able to take the kids to the park and use similar drills. I am also fine tuning my rugby skills in order to keep up with my 4yr old!!

TIAR: Did your child enjoy the camp? Did they mention something specific they liked?

MO: I have never seen him more excited. When I told him we were signing him up for a week long camp, he actually did a jumping dance!! He loves Coach Lauren, specifically, and he wants to play sharks and minnows all the time.

TIAR: Would you do it again?

MO: We would and plan to. I wish there were better words to describe how absolutely pleased we are with Atavus, and what they are doing to promote rugby to young kids.

If you are interested in attending an Atavus camp you can find out more here!

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