Thursday, August 4, 2016

PRO Rugby Awards, Best Young Player: Cody Jerabek

One of the best elements of PRO Rugby that fans have to enjoy is the number of young or relatively unknown players that put their hands up as players for the future. Mason Pedersen went from the Junior All-Americans into a starting role for San Diego (he also wasn't afraid to toss it about, which was cool to see), Hanco Germishuys tore it up once again, and players like Ben Tarr and Angus MacLellan only grew as the season progressed. While it was a hard choice, our pick for young player of the year went to Cody Jerabek.

Jerabek only joined Sacramento halfway through the season after finishing up at the University of Wyoming. Playing for the Cowboys he didn't gain a lot of nation attention. Plus, he hasn't been playing the sport that long so when he was finally put under the spotlight in Sacramento he didn't shrink but only excelled. Jerabek is a vicious runner who is very difficult to take down. He runs with absolutely no fear and his ability to make yards was a big reason that Sacramento had an improved ending to the season.

Like most young players Jerabek still has plenty of areas in which to improve. Still, he wouldn't have played if he was bad on defense or if he made a lot of mistakes. Instead, Jerabek was solid on defense and played well within himself, not making too many risks. If he continues to improve not only are Sacramento going to have an important player next year but Jerabek could find himself with more than the College All-Americans call-up he just received.  

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