Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pro12 Getting More Serious About U.S. Expansion

The Pro12 continues to make noise about expanding to North America. In speaking at the season launch of the Pro12 managing director Martin Anayi said that the league is very serious about coming to the United States potentially in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, or Chicago. "It’s hard to give you timelines,” said Anayi. “We’re at too early a stage of discussion to say ‘this is when it’s going to get done. The reality is that it might not get done. It might get to the point where it can’t be done logistically, for player welfare, other things. But at this time, it’s a very positive discussion.”

Anayi pointed to the fact that the competition was already cross-border in nature and that creating conferences and the travel wouldn't be too difficult. He did stress that there are logistical obstacles to work out. Anayi also cited the large Italian-American and Irish-American communities in America as potential fan bases. It's an argument many of have used even though it's not proven that Irish-Americans will turn out just to watch a team because they are from Ireland.

We've previously discussed their are numerous difficulties in having the Pro12 come to America but it's still something that the Pro12 seems to be keen on doing. They even have recently been in talks with a couple of wealthy investors regarding the subject.  Martin Pengelly has more on the whole topic.

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