Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Opening Kick

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National Teams/PRO Rugby:

The Women Eagles were a perfect 2-0 on the final day of their Olympic competition. First they exacted revenge against Fiji before beating France for fifth place.

The Men Eagles begin their quest for gold today and they have the mantle of defending champions to carry. Make sure to check out our preview.

A lot of Nate Ebner's motivation to make the Olympics comes from losing his father to tragedy.

Tony Lamborn and the Hurricanes took home the Super Rugby championship over the weekend.

Bryce Campbell is the latest to check in from the College All-Americans tour in Australia.

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Head coach JD Stephenson has left the Lindenwood program he built into a powerhouse.

The Rugby Republic checks in with Santa Monica who are headed to the Club 7s Nationals.

This Is Rocky Mountain Rugby has a great feature on the Ski Town Tournament.


Australia took home the gold after beating New Zealand in a thrilling match. Canada finished in third.

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