Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Men's Club 7s Nationals Field Set

The field for the men's  Club 7s Nationals is set after a weekend of action. Here is how things went down.


The two spots from the Midwest were up for grabs at the Midwest Championships over the weekend. The Chicago Lions and 1823 were the heavy favorites heading into the tournament having been the dominant teams in the west and east divisions respectively. That's how it continued to play out as the Lions and 1823 advanced to the tile match where the Lions won 21-17 to take the top seed. To reach the final the Lions had to beat Metropolis 24-5 while 1823 beat Cincinnati 26-12.  The Lions will be placed in Pool D while 1823 are in Pool C.

Atlantic North

Mystic River and Old Blue claimed the two spots from the Atlantic North a few weeks back with a one and two place finish in the Atlantic North series. Mystic River are in Pool D. Old Blue are in Pool C.

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The South had a bit of a helter skelter season with different regions holding qualifiers before the South Championship last weekend. Charlotte came out of the Carolinas, Georgia sent Legion and Atlanta Old White, Florida sent Miami and Orlando, while the True South sent New Orleans and Oklahoma Elite. In the end it was two experienced teams in Old White and New Orleans that came out as qualifiers. Old White took home the whole tournament.

New Orleans will be in very tough Pool A while Old White are in Pool D.


The Mid-Atlantic was one of the tightest regions this year with a number of teams in the running for the title. Schuylkill River, NOVA, and Rocky Gorge were all in the hunt heading into the final qualifier over the weekend. Schuylkill River were dominant for most of the weekend running through pool play. They then beat NOVA 21-7 in the semi-finals to put themselves in the final and secure qualification. The Exiles finished out the tournament with a 19-5 win over Rocky Gorge.

The opening was there for Rocky Gorge to qualify for Nationals had they been able to win the tournament but even with a second place finish they missed out to NOVA by one point. NOVA finished third to ensure their qualification.

Schuylkill River are in Pool C and NOVA are in Pool B.


The Frontier region wrapped up a few weeks back with Rugby Utah and the Kansas City Blues grabbing spots. Rugby Utah had two tournament wins while the Blues finished second twice giving them a spot over the Denver Barbarians and Glendale Raptors. That means there will be no local men's team in the competition in Denver this year. Utah is in Pool B and Kansas City is in Pool A.

Red River

Like the Frontier region the Red River finished up their series a few weeks back. Nationals spots went to the Austin Huns and Little Rock. The Huns are in Pool A and Little Rock are in Pool B.

Pacific North

Only the Pacific North was active last weekend in the West with the Pacific North Championship. The tournament featured the Seattle Saracens and Westside Ronin from the Pacific Northwest and Olympic Club, the EPA Razorbacks, and the Life West Gladiators from NorCal. The Seattle Saracens are the three-time national champions and they ensured their spot back in the tournament with a win but it wasn't without work. Seattle actually lost to Olympic Club 14-12 in pool play. For their part Olympic Club was spotless in pool play setting up a rematch with Seattle for the championship. Seattle ended up winning 20-14 but both teams qualified for Denver.

Seattle are in Pool A while Olympic Club are in Pool C.

Pacific South

The Pacific South wrapped up their tournament a few weeks back with Belmont Shore and Santa Monica making it through. Belmont Shore won three tournaments on the year while three second place finishes for Santa Monica were enough to see them edge out OMBAC.

Santa Monica are in Pool D and Belmont Shore are in Pool B.

Men's Pools

Pool A: Austin Huns, Kansas City Blues, New Orleans, Seattle Saracens
Pool B: Belmont Shore, Little Rock, NOVA, Rugby Utah
Pool C: 1823, Old Blue, Olympic Club, Schuylkill River
Pool D: Atlanta Old White, Chicago Lions, Mystic River, Santa Monica

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