Thursday, August 18, 2016

Eric Fry Joining Saint Nazaire

Eric Fry is one the move once again as he is off to France to join up with Saint Nazaire in the Federale 1. Fry most recently played in a handful of matches for his hometown team the Sacramento Express. He was a steady presence for the team after the June Internationals as they made a strong run. Prior to that he spent the Premiership season with Newcastle. The former Cal player previously spent time with London Scottish in the RFU Championship and Manawatu is the ITM Cup.

Saint Nazaire are playing in the new Federale 1 Elite pool this upcoming season. The Federale 1 was changed this year to feature a pool of the top teams who will battle for promotion to the Pro D2. The pool includes relegated Pro D2 sides Tarbes and Provence as well as teams with bigger experience. Having formed what is essentially a Pro D3 should give Fry a good level of play.


  1. Glad to see he will be playing professionally, but this really is a step in the wrong direction. At 28, he should really be starting to hit his prime as a prop. Hopefully, this is a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

    1. He was badly used by Newcastle who went with essentially a foreigner second policy last year. Fry had a strong WC and hopefully this is a reset.

      Still, French club rugby is not for the shy so he will be facing some tough opponents week in and week out. It's a good place to hit the reset button.