Friday, August 12, 2016

College All-Americans Named For Tour Finale

The College All-Americans have named their squad for their final match of their tour of Australia. The team is set to play the Queensland Premiership Rugby Barbarians early tomorrow morning at the famed Ballymore Stadium. The match will be streamed on Facebook at 5:30 a.m. et/2:30 a.m. pt. The team previously beat the Darling Downs and then lost narrowly to Brothers.

Aladdin Schirmer will once again captain the team. Several stars that have stood out so far, including Nick Boyer, Conor Kearns, Bryce Campbell, and Malon Al-Jiboori are all in the starting line-up. This challenge could be their toughest of the tour but at the same time they will have the most cohesion having two matches under their best.

Forwards: Mason Pedersen, Alex Forster, Dino Waldren, Malon Al-Jiboori, Vili Helu, Wes Hartmann, Zach Bonte, Aladdin Schirmer

Backs: Nick Boyer, Conor Kearns, Deion Mikesell, Cody Melphy, Bryce Campbell, Tua Laei, Dylan Audsley

Bench: Chad Gough, Chance Wenglewski, Alex Maughan, Matt Jensen, Kevin O'Connor, Roland Blackiston, Scott Dean, Vetekina Malafu

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