Wednesday, July 20, 2016

U.S. vs. Romania Date Confirmed, Third Test Up In The Air

As reported earlier by TIAR the U.S. will be playing three matches this November. The first is against the Maori All Blacks in Chicago and then the U.S. will head to Europe to play Romania and Tonga. Now according to reports out Romania we know that the U.S. will be playing the Oaks in Bucharest on November 12th.  That's about a week turnaround between the Maori All Blacks match on November 4th.

The date against Tonga gets a little complicated. Last TIAR understood the U.S. was going to play Tonga in France. However, when you look at the schedule Tonga is playing Uruguay on November 19th and then Italy on November 26th. If the Romania date is correct, which it seems to be, then it looks like the U.S. won't be playing Tonga after all. In fact, no obvious country seems available on the week of the 19th so either the U.S. are going to have a week training in Europe before a match on the weekend of the 26th or they are going to have to play someone else.

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Head coach John Mitchell has said that it doesn't fit into the goals of the program to play a team like the RFU Championship XV meaning that it has to be a full international or close to it. If the U.S. are going to play on the weekend of the 19th that really only leaves the likes of Russia, Spain, and Portugal available, less than ideal. They could also play the England Saxons or a similar team.

The U.S. could wait a week and play on the weekend of the 26th. If that is the case Samoa is available that weekend but no one else is other than the three European B Nations listed above. Having an extra week in camp isn't a bad thing for the Eagles. They need as much camp time as they can get and this would be good.

Until something is officially announced (as it has with the Maori All Blacks) everything is up in the air.

Maori All Blacks--November 4th
Romania--November 12th
Third Test--TBD


  1. We should try to schedule the Saxons for the 19th and play Samoa on the 26th. Being in camp is good, but matches will help. The Saxons would be a good challenge, especially after their summer tour.

  2. Very interesting... I know Wales just announced they are going to create a "Wales A" for the first time. That would be a great game to see. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  3. So what is with the WR snub of USAR?

  4. Based on England's form at the moment, a match against the Saxons would be better than against a new Wales "A" squad.