Thursday, July 14, 2016

U.S. In Discussions For Pacific Challenge Tournament

The U.S. are reportedly in negotiations to participate in an "A" side tournament featuring the U.S., Canada, Fiji, Samoa, Uruguay, and Argentina. The competition would be held in October during a similar time frame to the old Americas Rugby Championship before that tournament was expanded to include Chile and Brazil and moved to the Spring. Uruguay would reportedly host the tournament that would take place over the space of about a week.

However, from what TIAR understands from multiple sources this tournament is not finalized and nothing has been signed off. That said, a tournament like this serves the needs of all the teams involved, especially as a selection vehicle for the November internationals. The main sticking point appears to be money and unless World Rugby is going to kick in some it's going to be hard for all the countries to participate.

If it comes off the U.S. will have another opportunity to get top domestic players solid game time. Not only did they have a chance to play in the ARC but they've also had PRO Rugby this year. Throw in a three match competition in Uruguay and that's a full season. Definitely something to keep an eye on. 

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  1. So which team will Argentina be entering in this competition? They already have their national team in the Rugby Championship, a shadow national team in Super Rugby, another (A? B?) in the new Americas Rugby Championship. In order for Argentina (or the other nations, for that matter) to benefit, it seems they would need to field a "B" or U-21 team for this competition.