Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trio Make Rio As Reserves, Emba Replaces Bizer

Eagles 7s head coach Mike Friday has picked his three traveling reserves to head to Rio. Nate Augspurger, Martin Iosefo, and Shalom Suniula have made the cut after a training camp in Florida. Will Holder and Thretton Palamo also traveled to Florida in attempt to make it as one of the three reserves but were left out. The rules in Rio means that it is possible to actually swap out players after day one even without injury so the three players could feature without an injury. On the women's team and injury to Meya Bizer sees her replaced by Cheta Emba. That has to be heartbreaking for Bizer. Here are the updated squads:

Squad: Madison Hughes, Zack Test, Folau Niua, Danny Barrett, Garrett Bender, Maka Unufe, Perry Baker, Carlin Isles, Andrew Durutalo, Chris Wyles, Nate Ebner, Ben Pinkelman

Reserves: Nate Augspurger, Martin Iosefo, Shalom Suniula

Squad: Bui Baravilala, Ryan Carlyle, Lauren Doyle, Nana Fa'avesi, Carmen Farmer, Vix Folayan, Kelly Griffin, Jessica Javelet, Kathryn Johnson, Alev Kelter, Jillion Potter, Richelle Stephens

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