Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Opening Kick

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National Teams/PRO Rugby:

Huge news yesterday as Dan Payne was announced as the new CEO of U.S.A. Rugby. That should be good news for American fans.

Both Alex Goff and Pat Clifton have their reaction to the hiring.

Both the Men and Women Eagles have learned their match times for the Olympics.

The Women Eagles fell short against Canada yesterday at the Super Series while the All-Americans did the same.

The Sacramento Express are having a tailgate party and are inviting the community.

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Bob Latham was recently on the Go for Gold podcast to talk about rugby in the Olympics.

Jillion Potter is the subject of another great profile of her journey to the Olympics.

We recently wrote about Pedrie Wannenburg and his time in PRO Rugby for Rugby Magazine in South Africa.

The College All-Americans First, Second, and Honorable Mention teams have been named.


UC Davis alum and 1920 and 1924 Olympic Babe Slater's medals are now on display.


The trailer for the new Richie McCaw movie is out.

Planet Rugby has their latest edition of Loose Pass

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