Monday, July 18, 2016

Opening Kick

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National Teams/PRO Rugby:

Chris Wyles, Nate Ebner, and Andrew Durutalo have all made the Olympic team and will join the Series regulars.

The Women Eagles have gone with a very experienced squad with many Series regulars on the roster.

The San Francisco Chronicle has more on Danny Barrett and other players striving for the Olympics.

U.S.A. Rugby has a profile of Jessica Javelet while Jackie Finlan looks at where some of the Women 7s hopefuls were five years ago.

The College All-Americans have named their team that is set to tour Australia.

The Boy's High School All-Americans continued their strong trip to British Columbia with more wins.

The U.S.A. South Panthers women's team has won the RAN 10s tournament held last weekend.

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The Glendale Raptors U-20 team is taking shape ahead of the new season.


Apparently changes to the Six Nations is not dead according to one official.

One columnist says that New Zealand is keeping Super Rugby alive.

The injuries are piling up in Super Rugby with Seta Tamanivalu, Liam Messam, and Nemani Nadolo set to miss time.

Eddie Jones says a new deal with clubs is only going to help England.

All Blacks legend Colin Meads has been hospitalized

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  1. Hey Curtis, you probably have already realized it but still feel a need to point it out. ;)

    This blog is documenting the awakening of the giant. #TheGiantIsAwakening haha.

    In all seriousness though, if you look back at the posts over the years. Several years ago it was headlines like USA College AAs can't get funding. Then couple years later it was, USA College AAs struggled against *fill in european team* and lost by large margin. Then a couple years later it was, USA College AAs fared well against *fill in european team* but lost by small margin. That when on for some time... but here we are now and the headlines are USA College AAs destroy *fill in european team* with a massive margin only allows 3 tries!.

    That is just one example using the USA College AAs. Similar stories for mens 7 team, High school AAs, the ODAs, etc.

    GO RUGBY in the USA!