Friday, July 15, 2016

Opening Kick

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National Teams/PRO Rugby:

The U.S. is reportedly in negotiations to take part in an "A" tournament among Pacific Island and South American teams.

The local paper in Colorado looks at Ben Pinkelman's career from high school to potential Olympian.

Alex Goff chats with Mike Friday about the upcoming selections for Rio.

Perry Baker and Nate Ebner are features in these recent pieces.

Ohio's Dom Waldouck is going to have a trial with Newcastle when the season ends. That's a good thing for the league.

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The Rugby Utah touch league kicked off it's second season yesterday.

The Atlantic North has named their two teams that will play at the Club 7s Nationals.

The local paper in Minnesota has more on Eden Prairie and their growth.


South Africa have named their team for the Olympics.

Handre Pollard reportedly came very close to losing his arm to amputation

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