Sunday, July 31, 2016

Match Commentary: Ohio vs. Denver

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The match can be seen on and a preview can be found here.


Forwards: Luke White, Zach Fenoglio, Chris Baumann, Logan Collins, Casey Rock, Hanco Germishuys, Peter Dahl, Pedrie Wannenberg; Backs: Mose Timoteo, Will Magie, Dustin Croy, Timana Tahu, Chad London, Mike Garrity, Max De Achaval; Bench: Soane Leger, Jake Turnbull, Nick Wallace, Christian Wiessing, Zac Pauga, Bobby Impson, Kyle Hitt, Martin Knoetze


Forwards: Jamie Mackintosh, Dylan Fawsitt, Demecus Beach, Ryan McTiernan, Kyle Baillie, Filippo Ferrarini, Sebastian Kalm, Riekert Hattingh; Backs: Shaun Davies, Taylor Howden, Alex Elkins, Dom Waldouck, Roland Suniula, Spike Davis, Zac Mizell; Bench: Peter Malcolm, Pierce Dargan, Angus MacLellan, Robbie Shaw, Chad Joseph, Derrek Van Klein, Allan Hanson, Ahmad Harajly

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Pre-game: It can get complicated but here are the basic scenarios on how things could play out today. 1) Denver wins then they win the championship. 2) Denver claim two bonus points then they win the championship. 3) Ohio wins and neither team gets a bonus point they win. 4) Any scenario in which the teams are tied on points at the end of the match the winner of the match gets the title.
Pre-game: These teams are so even. This could either be a wide open match or something decided on kicks. Either way, it's going to be good.
1: And we're underway!
3: An early scrum win for Ohio and the pushing and shoving starts. Great to see the passion. Good opportunity for Ohio.
4: Denver penalized close to the line. Ohio going for the scrum with bonus points in mind.
6: Denver put pressure on Ohio and then earn a big turnover. That's huge for them as they clear it out.
11: Through the first then minutes it's been all Ohio. Still, it's 0-0 which favors Denver. Martin Knoetze on for Mike Garrity who is off injured.
12: Try Ohio! Jamie Mackintosh powers off after Ohio go through a couple of phases. It all came from the penalty and line out. Davies is off on the conversion. 5-0 to Ohio.
15: Denver gain a penalty but then a called for a knock-on on the quick tap. Uff. That one hurts the Stampede.
19: Ohio called for the penalty in the line out. Denver going for the line out.
20: Magie trying the chip kick. A bit of extras playing it in the air. McTiernan shown a yellow for something earlier. Not sure about McTiernan but the controversy was Davis swatting at the ball while Croy was up in the air. Looked okay.
21: Chad London try! Denver swing the ball out wide then London does well to stretch over for the score. The conversion is off. 5-5 with a quarter of the match gone. As things stand Denver would be champions.
25: Denver now have a man in the bin as well. Timana Tahu will get a rest. Not sure for what. Ohio going for points. The kick is good. Ohio now up 8-5. Due to bonus points Denver would still be champions as things stand.
28: A big run from Suniula puts Ohio in their attack zone again. They have the put in at the scrum.
33: Things slowing down a big. Denver gain a penalty at the scrum and will clear again.
35: Denver are not too happy with the referee at the moment. With just cause in this case as Ohio were offside.
32: Ohio have had several opportunities cancelled by knock-ons from one handed offloads. It's a knock-on party at the moment.
39: Ohio break out again with Elkins on a run but once again the final pass can't connect. Helter skelter at the moment.
Halftime: That's halftime. Ohio lead 8-5 but Denver would be champions if that was the final.
42: Denver called for offside early. Davies puts up another penalty. 11-5.
43: Denver with their best opportunity of the match so far but they can't hold on to the final pass.
45: This time it's Ohio giving up a penalty. Magie nails the easy kick. Ohio 11-8 Denver.
49: Several penalties from each team. The latter goes in favor of Ohio who will have an attacking line out.
50: Penalty try! Ohio used their powerful maul once again to earn the try. Denver judged to have collapsed the maul. Davies hits the easy conversion. Ohio up 18-8. If the match ended now Ohio would be champions.
52: Nick Wallace and Christian Wiessing on for Denver. Ohio muff the long Denver restart. 5m scrum to Denver.
54: Denver with lots of good pressure but they are still coming up empty. They'll have another chance here with a scrum.
56: Try Dustin Croy! It goes from Timoteo, to Magie who puts in a great pass to Croy who runs a great angle. Denver are back in it. Magies conversion is off. Ohio 18-13 Denver. The Stampede would be champions as things stand.
58: Robbie Shaw on for Shaun Davies.
62: Jamie Mackintosh shown a yellow. Big opportunity for Denver to turn the table right here.
63: Spike Davis with a big hit but it's a penalty. Denver are going for the corner.
65: Zach Fenoglio try! Timana Tahu with the break and then the offload to Fenoglio. The conversion is good. Denver lead 20-18. They are 15 minutes away from a title. Wiessing off for Denver.
68: Denver pushing again and it's Hanco Germishuys! Magie's kicking has been big so far. It came as Denver pressured Ohio on the kick and then Spike Davis made an ill-advised pass that found Denver hands. Kick is no good. 25-18.
69: Ohio losing composure at the moment. Hanson shown a yellow. That means Ohio will have played the last 20 minutes a man down.
71: Spike Davis intercept and he's corralled by Chad London. That is the play of the match. Wow. Denver were one pass from putting the match away and Davis was one tackle away from taking the advantage back.
73: Well, this game has opened up. Several chips from both teams and it ends with a put in to Ohio.
75: Try Ohio! They use their maul and Dylan Fawsitt is the one to score. Here we go. Ohio can tie it up with the conversion. Shaw's conversion is good. Ohio 25-25 Denver. As things stand Denver are champions.
79: Just seconds to go. These team could be headed to extra time.
80: Ohio pushing hard here at the end. Denver defense is holding. Try Sebastian Kalm! There is a reason the Ohio players aren't celebrating too much. They know about bonus points. Denver are the winners. Robbie Shaw's conversion is good. 32-25 final but Denver are the champions!

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  1. Really a nice and thrilling game in a authentic atmosphere! Congrats to Pro Rugby!! No need of Pro 12 in the US<<<