Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lindenwood Facing Post-Season Ban

The Lindenwood University men's team could miss out on post-season play next season after being found guilty of multiple violations. The team is currently appealing the decision to an independent review panel and if they are successful will be able to play in the post-seaosn next year. The reasons for the discipline include:

  • The actions of the team caught on film in two matches against Davenport University. Six total acts of foul play were referred to the DI-A Disciplinary Committee and as a result four players were sanctioned with one being suspended indefinitely. 
  • An incident involving the forging of eligibility documents and the number of waivers (10 total with 3 denied) requested by the team. This was felt to be too excessive and against the spirit of the team by other DI-A teams. 
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According to documents obtained through multiple channels by TIAR it seems the overall willingness to bend the rules is what got them in hot water. From the documents: 
1. The actions displayed by Lindenwood University Rugby team members have casted a black eye on D1A Rugby.
  • The quantity and tone of eligibility waivers suggest a systematic effort to build a rugby program based on “exceptions to the rule” and are not within “the spirit” of the college game.
  • The confirmed forgery of eligibility documents along with the resubmission and appeal of this case suggests a total disregard for the eligibility rules and brings to question the integrity of the entire Lindenwood program and administration.
IRB REGULATION 20. Misconduct and (Code of Conduct) states:
A Adherence to the Laws of the Game, Regulations Relating to the Game and the spirit of fair play remains fundamental to the proper administration and preservation of the Game in the modern era. Accordingly, a general obligation arises on all stakeholders to address Misconduct matters within their jurisdictions to ensure that discipline, control, honesty and mutual respect which are fundamental to the integrity of the Game are preserved. 20.2 Any act of Misconduct shall constitute an offence under this Regulation and may result in disciplinary proceedings being brought against and sanctions being imposed upon the Player, Person, Union, Association and/or Rugby Body involved.
20.3 For the purposes of these Regulations Relating to the Game, “Misconduct” shall mean any conduct, behaviour, statements and/or practices on or off the playing enclosure during or in connection with a Match or otherwise, that is unsporting and/or cheating and/or insulting and/or unruly and/or ill-disciplined and/or that brings or has the potential to bring the Game and/or any of its constituent bodies, World Rugby and/or its appointed personnel or commercial partners and/or Match Officials and/or judicial personnel into disrepute...
Lindenwood is the midst of their appeal but if the ban holds in place it will take away a team that was a legitimate threat to reach the DI-A title game next season and it would be a big blow to an up and coming power in college rugby.


  1. Even if it is "big blow" they should be held accountable. Nothing wrong with discipling a program for trying to play ineligible players.

    1. How about the fact that the head coach of this team is also the head coach of the U-20 Eagles?? Should someone who allows this to happen when he is in charge be at the helm of one of our developmental national teams??

  2. If rules are not followed why have them? If you discover a program breaking the rules and condone/ignore it you merely invite others to do the same. The choice is obvious, throw out the rules or enforce them so that everyone will follow them.

  3. "Six total acts of four play were referred"
    Think it should read "foul play"

  4. I agree with what is being said here, so please don't get me wrong. But my question is.....if it's SO bad and caught on tape.....why weren't the calls being made during the game? And what is happening to the ref that was in charge of the match? Again....I did not see the game so I'm going all off what I'm reading here. My first reaction is (since it reads as if the bad plays weren't called during match) it sounds like you have an aggressive team that beat-up on another team and this is brought up to get them back. However playing ineligible players is never okay.....and like was mentioned above, rules are rules and they must be followed. No matter what the excuse and reasoning......very disappointing all together.

    1. The video being referred to was on YouTube for a bit, but has since been taken down. I recall it featuring mostly over-the-top foul play. It was edited so that it wasn't clear if the players were penalized or not but looking at USA Rugby's stats confirmed that a few players involved were carded during the matches. So at least a few of the calls were made, I think a few were missed as well - it's not clear whether there was an assistant ref or not, but it seems like there wasn't which makes things much more difficult. As for the "sour grapes" idea - it's possible that Davenport brought this up but the video was posted on Reddit and likely a few other places and it's very possible that someone else passed the video along to D1A. Lindenwood certainly doesn't have a great reputation at the moment and it sounds like there were others waiting for LU to get called out for their dirty play.