Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Club 7s Nationals Western Qualifiers Update

Santa Monica has the best jerseys in 7s this year. #ThanksToCanterbury
Earlier we looked around the East and now it's time to take a look around the West qualifiers for the Club 7s Nationals.

Pacific North

The Pacific North continues to be divided between the Pacific Northwest and Northern California with a final championship being held in San Francisco in two weeks. The Seattle Saracens continued their dominance in the Pacific Northwest with a win at the Roy Lucas 7s. They beat Westside Ronins in the final.

Just a note to add regarding the dominance of Seattle. Some may see it as a negative but the general vibe around the Northwest is that having Seattle has a goal for all teams to try and beat has improved the organization and play of every team in the region. There may be one dominant team but all boats are rising.

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Pacific South

For the first time all season Belmont Shore didn't take home the title at a Pacific South 7s tournament. That honor at the Sunsplash 7s went to OMBAC who beat Santa Monica 15-10 in the final. Santa Monica upset Belmont Shore in the semi-finals 17-12 thanks to a try from Sean Pypers. Even though they finished second Santa Monica picked up enough points to sit number two in the standings with their home tournament left. Belmont Shore are still in first place.

Red River

The Red River Sevens Series had the weekend off. The final tournament takes place next weekend. With a win a piece the Austin Huns and Little Rock are heavy favorites heading into the final showdown. It would take a lot for either team to be surpassed and to miss out on a chance at the Club 7s Nationals.


The Frontier also had the weekend off ahead of the Pioneer 7s this weekend in Utah. The Utah ODA has already clinched a spot but it's going to be a showdown between the Denver Barbarians and the Kansas City Blues. Whoever finishes higher will make the trip to Denver. 

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