Wednesday, June 1, 2016

South Panthers Ready For Cayman Islands

The South Panthers are back in action this weekend as they take on the Cayman Islands. The match will be held in conjunction with the Surfin 7s in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The Panthers have had an mix and match season since the other Caribbean countries have been involved in World Cup qualifying. They've play The Bahamas and Bermuda so far this season. The Cayman Island should be another good test for a team that is bringing in new players along with a few veterans like Lucas Baistrocchi. The match starts on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. et and it will be streamed live here.

Roster: Alex Czajkowski (Richmond Lions), Brian Bidder (Norfolk Blues), Calvin Storey (Raleigh), Charlie Hutchings (Tampa Bay Krewe), Ethan Winel (Chattanooga), Gannon Karena (Atlanta Renegades), Hein Erasmus (Miami Tridents), Jamie Gasparella (Atlanta Old White), Jarrett Gartin (North Atlanta), Joe Bambinelli (Atlanta Old White), Jose Laphitzonda (Miami Rugby Club), Lucas Baistrocchi (Boston), Matthew Mendelssohn (Columbia), Mikey Sanders (Macon), Ramiro Alvo (Okapi Wanderers), Ronn Omondi (Atlanta Old White), Stephen Cappello (Orlando), Todd Sherer (Columbia), Tyler Bishop (Tallahassee), Wayne Chermeley (Knoxville), Zach Blalock (Charlotte), Zach Miller (North Atlanta)

Coaching staff: Rene Daniel (South Panthers), Francesco Balsaws (South Panthers), Renaldo Arroya (Valdosta St.), Sean Borman (Monster Sports Network), Wes Darwin (Purple Moose Media), Kevin Kitto (South Panthers), Gary Kent (Columbus/For Benning)

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