Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rocky Mountain U-20/JV Competition Launched

The Glendale Raptors have joined with the programs from the DI-A West Conference to launch a U-20/JV league this fall. The Raptors will be fielding a U-20 side while Air Force, Colorado, Colorado State, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming will all field JV sides. Given the depths of players at each of those schools JV sides shouldn't be a problem.

In a program release Director of Rugby and U-20 Head Coach Mark Bullock said “the new competition as an opportunity to close the gap between college and club rugby for those players who do not enroll immediately into a university rugby program. This completes the pathway from youth to adult to pro to national team that the Glendale Raptor Rugby Academy can offer to aspiring rugby players.”

As we stated in a recent editorial, more need to be done at the U-20 level and this competition is a fantastic step in that direction. Hopefully more regions can take the same approach. 


  1. Definitely a need for U-20 rugby in certain areas. When I played in Texas, San Antonio RFC had a college aged side that played other colleges. It was a good idea. When I played in South Africa we had 4 men's sides, not counting old boys, and 2 U-20 sides. It's a great way for players to develop.

  2. A good positive move from all concerned. If you look at all the top nations they all have some sort of U20s structure in place these days and hopefully this is the first step in the US following suit.

    What needs to occur now is other conferences/regions need to adopt a similar approach with a mix of College and elite Clubs to build more depth. From their regional All Star or Select sides need to be formed and then compete in a structure that will allow for further developmenr as well as a vessel for selection for future US U20S MNT.

    1. Ideally, we would see academy sides and U-20 sides for reach PRO Rugby franchise. Having fully professional kids at ages 18-20 will really help with development.

    2. That would be great. However, unless ProRugby suddenly explodes in terms of viewership and can garner the appropriate revenue streams I don't see it as a realistic option in the short to medium term.