Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Partner Invitational Planned For Club 7s Nationals

With the Club 7s Nationals officially announced today some of you may have noticed on their website that there will be an invitational tournament alongside the main event. While not part of the Club 7s Nationals the tournament is designed to give more teams an opportunity to play on the big stage. Additionally, and maybe even more important for teams, it provides them with a safety net in case they don't qualify for the Club 7s Nationals. For example, if you are a team in the Northeast that is maybe on the bubble instead of booking last minute tickets to Denver you can book your tickets now and save a lot of money knowing that you will play not matter what that weekend. Pretty smart idea.

The tournament will last one day and will be open to both men's and women's teams. The idea is to stream the tournament and players will be given tickets to the main event. There is a registration fee of $500 but teams likely make that up in flight savings. Interested teams can apply using this form:

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