Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Olympic Pools Unveiled For Men & Women

The pools for rugby at the Rio Olympics have been unveiled. The tournament is just a little over a month away and both the men's and women's Eagles are busy in camp getting ready. Now each team knows who they will play in Rio.

The men's team has been drawn in with Fiji, Argentina, and Brazil in Pool A. Overall it's a good pool with Brazil being the easiest match. The U.S. should be able to make it to the Cup quarterfinals with the draw but a lot is going to depend on how they do against Argentina. That said, they have beaten Fiji before. Finishing as high as possible in the pool is going to be key to avoiding one of the top teams in the quarterfinals and giving yourself a chance at a medal.

The women's team are also in Pool A where they will play Australia, Fiji, and Colombia. This pool should give the U.S. a great chance of advancing as well. Colombia should be the weakest link in the pool and while the U.S. has lost to Fiji in recent times they are a team they should beat.

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Overall on the men's side Pool C looks to be tough with New Zealand, Great Britain, Kenya, and an ever improving Japan side. Pool B has South Africa, Australia, France, and Spain. All things considered the Eagles will have to feel they did well. On the women's side Pool C has Canada, Great Britain, Brazil, and Japan while Pool B has New Zealand, France, Spain, and Kenya.

Men's Comp--
Pool A: Fiji, USA, Argentina, Brazil
Pool B: SA, Australia, France, Spain
Pool C: NZ, GBR, Kenya, Japan

Women's Comp--
Pool A: Australia, USA, Fiji, Colombia
Pool B: NZ, France, Spain, Kenya
Pool C: Canada, GBR, Brazil, Japan


  1. Outside of Fiji and South Africa, the US men have been able to consistently beat the other teams. However, the Olympics are an entirely different ball game. Emotions will be high and there will be lots of pride on the line.

  2. Good draw. Even if the US finishes third in their group, they just need to run up the score against Brazil (the weakest of the 12 teams) to finish as one of the top third-placed teams and reach the knockout rounds.