Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Niku Kruger Out For The Season

Niku Kruger was a big part of Denver's early success until he went down with injury. Now it looks like the Stampede are going to have to do without the scrumhalf for the rest of the season after Kruger announced on social media that he needs surgery to repair a tear in his ACL. Not only has the injury kept Kruger from the Stampede but it's also kept him out of contention for the Eagles summer series. Denver will be relying on Mose Timoteo and Bobby Impson to finish out the season.

Here is what Kruger posted on Facebook:
Hi all! I just wanted to update everyone on whats going on. I have partially torn my ACL in my left knee. I am done for the season and will need to have surgery. This is obviously not what i expected or how i saw this season going. It has been a tough couple of weeks trying workout how we will be going about this. Fortunately, for me, i have a great doctor in my corner. It has been said a setback just sets you up for a greater comeback. Next time this year i will be strapping the boots on and getting ready to play the game that has given me the world. I am excited for this process and to see how the Lord will lead me and take me to new heights as the weeks and months roll on. I will be posting progress reports over the next couple of months ‪#‎acl‬ ‪#‎3rdtime‬ ‪#‎3rdtimeisthecharm‬ ‪#‎letsdothis‬ ‪#‎blessed‬

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