Thursday, June 9, 2016

Manoa Returning To Northampton?

A report out of England is suggesting that Samu Manoa could be leaving Toulon this summer to return to Northampton, the club that gave him his professional start. The news was first reported by a local Northampton paper.  Injuries have limited Manoa to less than the number of matches he would like this year but when he did play for Toulon he was an automatic starter. With the summer off he could be healthy and ready to go for next year. However, he could also find his way back to England if that is what his young family wants.  Given Manoa's high salary in comparison to English salaries the smart money is that he is staying put at least for another year.

What do you think? Should Manoa return to Northampton or should he play on with Toulon? 

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  1. With the new deal Premiership players should be getting a bump up. Probably not quite the same as France, but more competitive. Money is definitely a factor, but so is the cultural fit.